Why Pink

Our flagship product is an innovative, safe, and effective way for women to better understand their breast health in the comfort of their homes. It is a one-of- a kind device which helps increase awareness, as a preliminary screening tool to assist women in their in-home regular breast care routine. Our goal is to educate women across the country and abroad about being proactive with breast health familiarity.

Pink Luminous gives women an opportunity to monitor visual changes in their breasts through transillumination.

What is the Pink Luminous Breast?

Pink Luminous Breast device is about AWARENESS. It is meant to be used in conjunction with your regular breast self-exams to be proactive about your breast health.

What does it do?

Pink Luminous Breast is a familiarity tool to use in conjunction with breast self-exams to monitor visual changes that you may see in your breast via transillumination.

How it works?

Using RED LED light technology, Pink Luminous Breast will illuminate the tissue inside your breasts, allowing you to monitor any changes you may see in your breast.


What Should You Look For?