How to Use


Pink Luminous Breast is a CE Labeled Class I Medical Device in the EU and is currently

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The first line of defense for Breast Surveillance

The PLB is designed to be user-friendly, allowing effortless operation in both clinical and home environments, without the need for technical expertise opening two pathways for commercialization CLINICAL AND DIRECT TO CONSUMERS


An adjunctive tool to enhance breast-self exams, clinical exams and support diagnostic channels.


1 ♥  Charge the Pink Luminous Breast


2 ♥  Find a room in the house where you can turn off the lights and make it as dark as possible. The darker the room, the easier to use Pink Luminous Breast


3 ♥  Turn off the lights and wait a couple of minutes to allow your eyes to get used to the dark.


4 ♥  There are four different intensity levels. Use the “Intensity Level Button” on your Pink Luminous Breast to change the intensity level. Breasts with implants will light very will with intensity level 1. Generally larger or firmer breasts will require a higher intensity level.


♥  Slowly move the Pink Luminous Breast around and you will be able to see other parts of your breast. You should continue to do this until you can see as much as you can.


6 ♥  The breast tissue goes right under around the arms and high up on the chest toward your shoulder – so be sure to check here as well.


7 ♥  When you have finished looking at one breast you should then look at the other.